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This is a 40 Day Practice and includes:

  • Journal
  • Journal Prompts for everyday with prayers, bible verses and mantras that relate to prompt at the end. 
  • Basic meditation practice 
  • 40 journal prompts
  • 40 daily devotional prayers
  • 1 meditation recording

40 day meditation and journaling practice. You will get 40 journal prompts,  and 1 meditation that you will use daily in conjunction with the journal prompts. 

What is the goal at the end of the 40 days?

Unconscious living and presentation: 

Most of us are sleep-walking through life and we don’t even realize it. The scripts or conversations in our head are: “I don’t understand why things only happen to me”, “why I end up in the same situations over and over”, “why do I feel lonely, why am I not happy like everyone else”, “Why am I still single”, “There is something wrong with me” and on and on.

The goal of meditation and journaling is to get acquainted with all the reasons, behaviors, events and beliefs that are perpetuating unconscious living. 

The first step to up-leveling, individual/self-evolution, personally evolving and becoming the version of yourself you were always meant to be is self-discovery. 

Connection of mind body soul begins here as well. Meditation can be a spiritual practice, writing is a physical movement, information from your mind then connects it all. 

Instead of separating ourselves, we move into being present. We practice integrating our three parts for 21 days. 

The brain processes information differently when the information is written which is why i have chosen written journal prompts as the first tool in this kit. 

Remember we are also rewiring the brain so we are starting to exercise different areas beginning now. 

By using the simple motor skill of writing you retrain the systemic musculoskeletal system which engages the parietal lobe which is involved in the mind-body-connection. This will give you more power over your mind-body-connection.