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Imagine everything you avoided, you suddenly allowed in. People and triggers you feared - you now loved. Imagine being the architect of your life.

That’s the power of reprogramming your brain into a pure uncluttered space.  “You can design your life and what you allow in,” says Judi Pasos, a licensed yoga-psychotherapist in Miami.  

Yes we’ll experience death, divorce and more.  But what if you saw the “bad” as a catalyst for growth seeing life and love instead? “It all exists, we just have to focus on it,” says Pasos, whose brand @BeWellAndRise, and practice, New Earth Therapy, center around the mind-body-spirit. “Life is about connecting with the divine, seeing moments as a gift and every person as a unique messenger.”

Pasos’ holistic spiritually-focused therapy is grounded in neuroscience, and sub-conscious energy healing by using traditional psychotherapy along with Hypnotherapy, EMDR - (eye-movement desensitization reprocessing therapy as seen on The Affair), yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, dyadic therapy, and meditation/mindfulness. 

Moments of clarity can arise 10 seconds into an EMDR session or halfway through hypnotherapy.  “I can help someone through a rough patch 10x faster by working with the subconscious.”  

The result?  “People rise up from the darkness of rock bottom to see the light.  The dark is just a shadow, and nothing to be afraid of.”