The Awakening Partnership


Founded by licensed, skilled, and devoted professionals that consistently make time to awaken their partnership - Judi Landau-Pasos and Ryan Landau - The Awakening Partnership (TAP) is a one-of-a-kind platform that combines psychology-oriented insights, spiritually-driven practices, and the neuroscience-backed transformational process of NeuroEmpowerment™️ (powered by Pathwaves) for enhanced effectiveness and integration, to create partnerships that thrive. 

TAP is designed to breathe new life into your partnership. It will provide each individual with the fundamental understanding, tools, and practices necessary to put your partnership on the path towards awakening. In short, new understandings lead to new behaviors that establish new patterns and produce new experiences. A partnership is a set of intricately woven connections that take on a life of its own and is made up of the internal wiring of the 2 people committed to it. Like human beings that need air, water, and food to grow and develop, the partnership also requires conscious and consistent nurturing for it to flourish. Partnerships that don’t receive this regularly have a tendency to stay stagnant and often end. TAP transforms you and your partnership resulting in a new journey of natural and effortless harmony, built on a healthy and unwavering foundation of love, a place called your Partnership Paradise 


What is Pathwaves? And, what is NeuroEmpowerment ™️?

Visit their website and watch an introductory video below.